Sunday, 18 December 2011

inferiority complex...

Every person feels inferior at one time or another. You feel you can not lift as much weight as the other person, you can not dance as well, you can not play sports as well, or even your business is not doing as well.

In order to build your self esteem and beat your inferiority complex you need to stop comparing yourself with others. You need to stop thinking that just because you can not do things as well as the next person, that you are not a skilled person. You cannot compare yourself to the neighbors next door. Everyone has their talents and so do you.

Feelings of inferiority or having low self esteem originates not from facts, but from our conclusions regarding those facts. 
The feeling of inferiority or low self esteem comes from the way we judge ourselves. 
When we think we are inferior we strive to be superior. 
Trying to become superior causes more frustration. 
We think, believe and assume that we should measure up to some other persons way of being normal, we feel second rate and that there is something wrong with us. 
We must build confidence in ourselves and raise our self esteem.

The truth is you are not inferior, or superior, you are simply you! 
There is not another person on earth exactly like you.
 You are an individual, you are unique.
 Your not supposed to be like anyone else.
 One of the best things if life is just being YOU!

Stop trying to measure yourself by someone elses standards.
 They are their standards not yours. 
Once you figure this out, accept it and believe it, your feelings of being inferior in life will vanish. 
You will build confidence, your self esteem will go up and that is when you will enjoy being just who you are right now.

@rspons:  now, maybe we can ask ourselves, what is the effect of inferiority complex to our community if we ourselves cannot handle it..^^

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