Sunday, 1 April 2012

Responsiblities..Too Many?

 Huhu..First n for most..let us all say our gratitude to the Almighty..The Most Gracious Allah Swt for His love and mercy throughout our's like infinity actually..foods,outfits and even our parts of body..not to forget our dearest idol..the most perfect person in the world..Prophet Muhammad Saw. who has shown us how true muslim should be..a person with responsibilities..

Seriously has been a long time ago since I'd written my last post..I don't's just me being affected by laziness and things like that..but after meeting with an icon who has been so commited  in writing to convey Islam..I was like awaken..Hello bro!What is your contribution to Islam?Hope that this brief writing will be a proof that will back me up in front of Him..I did something for Islam..

Brothers and sisters..Today responsibilities is my focus..Being a student..I believe my study is my biggest responsibility and I bet you are all with me about this..This has always been my principt untill I met a few friends in my campus..

The thing is..they are students just like we are..But then..They have other responsibilities ust as big as study which is "DAKWAH"..Talking about dakwah..most of us has always misdefine this word and make it an exclusive thing only for the ustaz and ustazah..but do we relise..Dakwah is compulsory to all who declare themselves a MUSLIM..Please brothers and sisters..bear this deep in your heart..Don't make excuses..Dakwah has a very broad scope..Use your talents and gifts to convey Islam to the,facebook and even in songs..If you are not good in public may be talented in writing or making videos..My point is..There is always a way for all of us to do something for our Deen..

Before I stop..I remind myself and to all my beloved brothers and sisters..Allah has never need any help from His servant to ensure the survival of His Deen..In fact,Islam will always be protected by those who had love Allah More than anything..

Saiful Mukmin
Darul Quran
12.15 pg
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