Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A transformation

Hey guys..What’s up..Hope that you are all in good health physically and spiritually..Huhu..It has been a long time relly since I write my last post..Not that I’m too busy..no way..That’s just not me..maybe lack of time management..or maybe poor time managment..yeah..that suites me better I believe..

We had just celebrated ‘Maal Hijrah’ a few days go..a historical event in our beloved Islam’s history..an event which purifies  the faith to Allah Subhanahu wata’ala amongst the sahabah..an event which reminds the muslimeen who so called themselves ‘Jundullah’ that this road of dakwah is full of pain and misery..an event who teaches us that sacrification is crucial in seeking Allah’s pleasure..but most of all..this is the event who proves that you only need Allah and nothing else..not  money..not you family..not your friend..just ALLAH...

Nowadays..there are no such things as hijrah as done in the days of our prophet Muhammad Saw..we can still follow this great sunnah by changing(hijrah) spiritually to seek Allah’spleasure..Please brothers and sisters..there are too much in yourself that does not suits with your name as a muslim..we..who proudly announced ourselves as the followers of the true Deen..sadly..we are lazy..stupid..poor management of time..and so many more of bad manners..yeah..I am also a muslim and for that I feel that this fact must be emphasized amongst us so that we know this is why the non muslims does not feel interested to know more about Islam..

A wise man once said..
“Islam had never dissapointed its followers..only the followers who always dissapoint(Does not follow the rules of) Islam”

A guy who had converted to Islam also said..
“I thanked to Allah that I learned Islam first and then I met with the muslimeen(Islam followers)..and if the events were vice versa..I believed that I would not converted myself to Islam”

are you are..these are small proves but do give big impacts to the images of our beloved Islam..so please rise brothers and sisters..make this day as your turning point from being a bad person to a good person..from a good person to a better person..Show to those non muslim that this is the true Islam..and insyaAllah..we pray to Allah that this small effort will be the witness for us in the Hereafter..InsyaAllah..


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