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Fantastic FCR!


In the nowadays challenging world with numerous of sophisticated technology,frankly,I decide to make this blog as a platform for sharing knowledge.The ideas behind the title of the blog comes to my mind as I noticed that so many bloggers has misuse the function of blog and instead,they only write about nothing except about their personal daily life without any messages and it's seriously a great waste as they didn't share anything knowledgable!So,this blog is moving further with various authors to share knowledges or maybe some experiences which will be related to Islam and InsyaAllah has its own evidences and morals.The use of language is not the main problem as we can write it either in Malay,English or perhaps Arabic...

So,today I will like to share about what I get during Friendly Comparative Religion (FCR) programme.


Coming to FCR programme is such coming into a new world for those who didn't ever meet and join programme about comparative religion such as me.This programme which is conducted World Assembly of Muslim Youth Malaysia (WAMY) and it's seriously interesting and very beneficial!

The two days programme which is conveyed by Bro Shah Kirit b Kalal Govindji who is a revert 15 years ago start with the speech entitles 'Is Dakwah Compulsory?'.Here,I know that dakwah and islah is a different part of thing.Dakwah is inviting non-muslims into muslims and islah is improving,repairing,renovating and upgrade muslims into a better condition and quality of course.Many people nowadays do islah but very few do the dakwah and consequently,that triggers the misconceptions towards Islam as in fact many believers look and judge other religions by their personality,not by their scriptures.We also did them.Are we studying and reading the Bible in order to know and judge about Christian's believers?So,if we portray the bad thing about Islam,they will say this and this about Islam.

Seriously,media is the main stream which triggers the misconceptations about Islam among Muslim.Generally,non-muslims are puzzling and misunderstand about Islam as Islam is manipulated and being portrayed as a bad religion by media.9 november tragedy,Asri and Jais,UMNO and PAS,polygamy,worshipping Kaabah,Fatwa by non-experts,prejudices etcetera.Ustaz or Imam mostly stay at a place and the non-muslims one stay at another place.The only place which intersects both of the muslims and non-muslims area is very few in fact and sadistically,the muslims there are secular muslims.This separate demografy and population greatly increase their misconceptations about Islam and that's why they didn't want to concert into Islam.They are told and revealed about the violence of Islam during slaughtering,the strict way to spread Islam which requires 'tauliah' or certificate,confuse about islam is inserted in politics is truth or politic is inserted Islam is truth one etcetera which is successfully portrayed by media and no one tell them about it.

Seriously,don't let them confusing and puzzling about Islam.It's our responsibilities to convey and make them comprehend about Islam.Did we ever think and scare during the Judgement Day,when Allah tell us why we didn't convey and invite our non-muslims friends into Islam?And our non-muslims will say that we are false as they didn't receive any Islam invitation!And this speaker told and felt that sense when 15 years ago,he just receive it when he want to marry.It's not only that barrier.The problems facing by Bro Shah Kirit is coming from the Religion Department itself.Many ustaz is very strict with the 'tajwid' of kalimah syahadah,saying about the heavy commandments in Islam such as saying that Islam is praying 5 times a day,if not you will go to Hell!It's very unacceptable and not relevent!Where's the tadarruj in conveying the Islamic messages?Prophet Muhammah himself strengthened faith first in Mecca and then the Law.How possible the non-muslims will convert to Islam if this is the reality and it's funnier when the Reverts' Offices only open such an office hour.So,it's mean that non-muslims only can convert Islam at a given time?Fuh....~

I also get the chances to hear about the basis of Christianity,Hinduism,Chinese beliefs,Bible study and the relationship about Quran and modern Science.It's definitely interesting and fantastic sharing!And seriously it's hard to share much of new knowledge I get in the programme although it's only for two day!Urm,Maybe we can discuss later or on the next post.For those who have the opportunity to go such as this programme,I greatly enhance as it's very very beneficial and there is no lost in committing with it!

Wallahu a'lam.

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